The best video game monitor, evar.

Last Friday, Willtuck, Nhak and myself divulged into some alcoholic debauchery, followed by a late night session of video game carnage*. It was a fun evening, and I think this time we survived the following day without too much pain (I think…). What was mostly memorable for the three of us was the gigantic TV screen we played on. The thing was huge; a ~62″ Sony Grand Wega HD. Seriously, Xbox360 games never looked better.

It got me thinking, what would be the greatest TV/monitor/screen you would want to game it up on (realistically speaking, of course)? My pick is the Cinerama in downtown Seattle. I’d sit on the second floor, third row up, for optimal viewing and sound experience. Nothing like teabagging your mates on a 95′ screen in a Halo 3 sesh. Even more interesting would be a four player match of WiiSports Tennis.

I would vote for the IMAX theater, but their seats are teh suck.

(* Special thanks to Steve, who let us invade his home for some drunken xbox awesomeness.)


~ by zooloo on November 12, 2007.

7 Responses to “The best video game monitor, evar.”

  1. I think playin’ any sort of video game on IMAX would result in some serious neck muscle spasms. No doubt it’d be impressive, but probably not worth the pain.

    My vote for a gaming experience would have to be the Majestic Bay theater. The screen isn’t quite as large as the Cinerama, but I really love the stadium seating.

  2. It’s hard to beat the Cinerama really, but I’d love to play a light gun game on the IMAX while you stand there shoot the shit out of stuff. Hogan’s Alley/Duck Hunt baby.

  3. that’s exactly why i opted for the cinerama over imax. at least they [the ‘rama] has somewhat decent seating, and the balcony helps alleviate the neck breakage when watching a film. the bay is a nice choice overall, i frequent that theater and they usually run good films.

    wiwille alludes to a good follow up question though… what system would you want to play on said screen?

  4. How bout this, Imax screen with Cinerama seats?

    I’d love to play the Wii on the Imax, since I’d be mostly standing anyways. Other arcade games would be cool, such as racing games or the ever popular Ms Pac Man.

    Any other platform would be preferrable on the Cinerama.

  5. Youtube makes all your dreams real:

  6. Not a nintendo fan, but that is awesome.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that there would be no way to see the whole game, my vote would be for Skychurch at EMP.

  7. And why don’t I ever get invited to these things?

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