Jesus is my coach.

Catholic Supply of St Louis is hitting the Christmas season full swing selling all sorts of Christian paraphernalia. The most interesting is their sports theme memorabilia, which has Jesus participating in soccer, football, baseball, and even hockey. Strangely absent is the Ultimate Fighting Christ, but they do have a martial arts Jesus. On every statue there is a plaque stating ‘Jesus is my coach’.

Does our Lord and savior have a black belt?


Sports Minded


~ by wiwille on November 16, 2006.

3 Responses to “Jesus is my coach.”

  1. I must have this!!!

  2. Wow, way to stay on top of the Jesus paraphernalia! I’m dumbfounded by the implications of the whole thing. Not sure which is more ridiculous, the concept, or the fact that somebody actually made these things!

  3. I love that the girl has a pink belt and the boy has a blue belt.

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