Takin’ It Back: Favorite Kicks

On this late edition of Takin’ It Back, old school shoes.

When I think about what I used to sport as a kid, I had some nice shoes back in the day. I wore a lot of what the modern day “street wear” heads all have now, like old Vans slip-ons, Nike Air Force…. I even had a pair of British Knights way back when. What I thought to be just average shoes turned out to be the most sought after variety of kicks today.

I went through many phases of shoe types too, starting out with your run of the mill sneakers, eventually turning to hiking boots (it was all about Hi-Tecs), then back to sneakers again. One of my favorite shoes were a pair of Nike Air Raid Peace basketball shoes, the first Airs I ever bought/owned. Most kids were into Jordans, little did they know I had one of the rarest models of Nike shoes on the street.

Sadly, those shoes met the fate of my older brother stealing them from me, and using them until they fell apart.


~ by zooloo on December 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Takin’ It Back: Favorite Kicks”

  1. Ok, a) you apparently are painfully younger than me, and b) I was so uncool there are no words for it.

    When I was real young (like first grade) I wore Zips – I think that was what they were called anyway. Had a big Z on the side.

    Then, I moved to cowboy boots. I mean, all the time, cowboy boots. I think for a couple years I didn’t even own shoes, just cowboy boots.

    After the cowboy boots, it was whatever cheap-ass knock off sneakers my mom bought me.

    Junior high, Puma hightops, all the time. By high school, it seemed like Puma only made running shoes, so I changed to BK hightops. Hightops were the de rigeur shoe for rockers and stoners in my high school. (for the record, I was a “rocker”, which at my school was defined like a heavy metal stoner but who didn’t do drugs)

    After high school? Whatever cheap-ass knock off sneakers I could buy myself.

  2. Hmm, I remember Zips. I recall the old commercial that claimed they could make your run fast. That was my first experience with my parents sitting me down explaining how the flickering tube will lie to me.

    I had cons, a pair of those shoes that you could ‘pump’ up with air, and more cons. Now I get whatever’s in the bargain bin at the nearest sporting goods store.

  3. on the contrary, i did wear zips. anyone ever wear la gear? i think there was a point in time that i ended up wearing galoshes everywhere.

    can’t go wrong with chuck taylors either, i went through a few pairs of those back in the day.

  4. I seem to recall LA Gear being viewed as a girl’s brand. My mom wore LA Gear.

  5. It’s all about the Kangaroos. They had a pocket in them! You could put, like, a quarter, maybe, in it, sure, but it was still awesome.

    “Oh, I have that quarter I owe you. Hold on…zzzzzzzip.”

  6. Oh man, the ‘roos. I’d forgotten about them. I wanted a pair of those so bad when I was like 5, but my mom bought me the Zips instead.

  7. roos were cool, until companies started dropping shoes with those annoying lights. a few kids i knew back in the day were conviced it made them run faster. i managed to convince them otherwise when they got pelted in the head during dodgeball.

  8. ‘Roos were way cool. I remember I had the high-top version with the pocket in the tongue, when all my friends had ’em on the side. That was about the coolest I got in the shoe world.

    I do remember in high school you weren’t cool unless you had a pair of brown Ellesse loafers. Needless to say, I wasn’t cool.

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