“And the answer is none. None more black (Friday).”

Black Friday Remnants

On Friday, November 24th, I did something for the first time in my life. No, not that. I have a child, so I’ve at least done that once.

I went shopping on Black Friday.

The Missus and I have been wanting to move up to one o’ them fancy LCD teevees that’s all the rage with the young folk these days, and after seeing some of the good deals going on, I decided to bite the bullet and walk among the commoners to try and grab one from Circuit City, a nice 46-incher going for an amazing price. I had a backup plan in place involving Sears, just in case this deal fell through. And it did. Spectacularly.

Circuit City opened it’s doors at 5am, which is the time I rolled up (I got up at 4am. For a TV. No wonder terrorists hate us.) As I got close to the store, I noticed tons of people walking towards it, and a lot of cars for 5 fucking am. I had woefully misjudged the magnitude of black Friday sales. The Circuit City parking lot full, I ended up parking around the corner at a mattress store that had chosen to skip the traditional sales madness of the day after Thanksgiving.

The pedestrian line to gain entry to the Citay had wrapped around the building. As I approached and got in line, I walked past the remants of obvious temporary residence. Cheap folding chairs, discarded Starbucks cups, some blankets…people had camped out here! For electronics?! But who am I to judge? Here I was among the herd at 5am shuffling in to try and get a TV. *shrug*

When I got in the store proper, it was nuts. Fuck Sparta, this was Circuit City! Wall to wall people, with two massive lines snaking around half the store for those shopping just for TVs. I realized then this was going to be an ordeal, and I seriously thought about turning around and heading to Sears.

But the deal was just too good to not give it a try. Maybe the line would move fast. I jumped in and waited. And waited. And waited. Why wasn’t the line moving? Turns out, sure there were a metric fuckload more shoppers today, but not a coommensurate number of cashiers. There was ONE guy ringing people up for TVs. One at a time. Most applying for a Circuit City card to take advantage of the 24 months no interest. After an hour, I’d moved maybe 8 feet. I still had about 55 jillion feet to go.

As I debated abandoning this stupid idea, Circuit City came along and made the decision easier for me by announcing they had sold out of the tv I was after. That was my cue to split to Sears.

Sears was far less of a madhouse. A quick 10 minute wait and I was buying my backup TV, which I sorta liked better, even though it was smaller than the Circuit City tv. While they didn’t have it in the store, it’s down at the distribution center waiting to be delivered or for me to pickup. I could have ordered this TV online from Sears at the same price, which is what I should have done and will do in the future.

To hell with Black Friday.


~ by willtuck on November 24, 2007.

2 Responses to ““And the answer is none. None more black (Friday).””

  1. My theory on shopping for door-crashers: don’t. Spend the day relaxing. Work creates enough stress, why add more on your day off. Save a couple of bucks and by the television when stores and salesmen need the business, the week after the Super Bowl. Lots of people buy TVs for the Super Bowl then return it the next day. Get a once-used TV for cheap.

  2. holy sheet mang, i’m surprised you braved crowds of black friday. lesson learned i suppose, glad to hear you at least came back home with a tv. nothing makes me more perturbed than spending an entire day looking for something and coming home empty handed.

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