As we give thanks..

Tomorrow many Americans will enjoy gluttonous activities with their dysfunctional families, but few will remember an incident 20 years ago that sent shock waves through the Chicago area. During a television broadcast of Dr Who someone hijacked the television signal and sent his own form of entertainment to the Windy City. Dressed in a Max Headroom mask complete with a cheap, but realistic background the unknown pirate rambled nonsensically at the camera. However bizarre this may have seemed to fans of the British sci-fi series the real crescendo happened at the end of the clip where the masked man drops his pants and has someone spank him with a fly swatter. Shortly after regular broadcast resumed and viewers ascended back to a state of normalcy.

Investigations then ensued by federal and state agencies, but the pranksters are still at large. Given the odd content the world may never understand the motive behind this, but maybe that was the point. This was the second incident done by this odd gent that day, but this is considered the last hijacking of a major broadcast station.

If you had the technical know how which TV show would you hijack and what would you do? And no you’re not cool if you think yelling “falafel” on O’Reilly is funny.

Well it might be funny.

Video is NSFW as it shows ass.

Max Headroom pirating incident


~ by wiwille on November 21, 2007.

One Response to “As we give thanks..”

  1. I’d hijack “Ellen” and replace it with some good lesbian porn.

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