Takin’ it back to the old school…

Seeing the BOSCT update fire needs a little tending, I thought would be appropriate to come up with another recurring topic series for discussion.

The theme: favorite things we all grew up with.

This week’s topic is old school PBS shows, brought to you (in part) by nhak.

I’m sure all of us have enjoyed the greatness of public broadcasting at one time, or another. Perhaps not at all. While my family had cable TV growing up, I opted to watch PBS for hours upon end. I never gravitated to Sesame Street or Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood much, but everything else was fair game. Here are a few shows that I’ll never forget:

  • Marty Stouffer’s Wild America
  • The Inside Story with Slim Goodbody
  • Voyage of the Mimi
  • Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station
  • The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill
  • The Frugal Gourmet (before he turned pedophilliac and shit)

And lest I forget…

  • The Joy of Painting, with Bob Ross



~ by zooloo on November 19, 2007.

8 Responses to “Takin’ it back to the old school…”

  1. Wild America really was the best show on earth. I could hardly be dragged away from the TV when he was tellin’ me all about some barn owl or desert fox.

    You must also not forget:

    – Square One TV
    – Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego?
    – Reading Rainbow

    For me, I wouldn’t even really say that PBS is in the past. I still watch the heck out of This Old House and NOVA.

  2. i hear ya, PBS indeed never gets old; i also find myself flipping over to KCTS and KBTC every so often. all the great cooking shows are on PBS too like julia child, nick stellino’s family kitchen, and my personal favorite, martin yan’s “yan can cook”.

  3. Yan Can Cook is really good, but as far as PBS cooking shows I’d get pummeled by a few friends and relatives if I didn’t rep American Test Kitchen. They do tests, comparisons, and still manage to get some recipes and demos in there. Definitely a winner.

  4. I used to watch Carmen Sandiego and laugh at all the people who couldn’t find Canada. I know its hard to find, being tucked away down there and everything but come on. Its a neighbouring nation to you Americans. It shouldn’t be that hard to find!

  5. I still watch Jim Leher and Charlie Rose, but one of my favorites as a child was Reading Rainbow and 3-2-1 Contact.

  6. The Electric Company and it’s wack live action Spiderman. Also, the Bloodhound Gang (not the band) and You Can’t Do That on Television. I also for some reason remember Out of Control with Dave Coulier. Memories are weird.

    Oh, also original recipe DeGrassi.

  7. aren’t YCDTOTV and Out of Control nickelodeon shows? we’ll have to revisit that network on a later episode of takin’ it back…

    fake spidey was pretty weak on the electric company. not sure where the children’s television workshop was going with that idea.

  8. What? Electric Company and its Spiderman ruled. I mean, c’mon, they Morgan freakin’ Freeman as the villain. How can you beat that?

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