How do I get a billion dollar idea?

Fortune/CNNMoney has an interesting article on the founders of PayPal, and all the stuff they’re doing now that eBay made them rich by buying PayPal. Now it’s true, some of the founders went to Stanford and such, and I’m sure they had a leg up financially when they started PayPal, but really it boils down to some smart guys with a good idea that was executed (relatively) well.

So why don’t I have any billion dollar ideas? I’m a smart guy. Damn, if only there was a market for wacky, irregularly updated, unfocused blogs – we could be rich like the PayPal guys!

It helped PayPal, of course, that they were in the middle of the “Dot-Com Boom” and found a niche that allowed them to thrive, grow, and survive the inevitable “Dot-Com Bust”. These guys are now investing in “web 2.0” startups, and making money at it hand-over-fist again. Is it possible that we smart guys have a second chance to get in on a digital business boom again? Or is “web 2.0” (oh how I hate that phrase) just a lot of hot air destined to turn into another Bust, but sooner? Is Facebook just another house of cards ready to collapse on investors like


~ by mattbear on November 15, 2007.

One Response to “How do I get a billion dollar idea?”

  1. it’s not difficult, all you need to do is introduce a product that revolutionizes an otherwise “normal”, everyday task. tack on a seed fund, some worthy r&d, and clever advertisements… and you’re set!

    perhaps the thought seems out there, but people come up with these so-called billion dollar ideas everyday. part of the problem is that most people don’t know how to bring these ideas to fruition, or at the very least, lose the motivation to follow through with that process.

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