There is indeed someone for everyone.

Good morning BOSCT readers. Are you an aging single bachelor/bachelorette who feels down about their marital status? Do you dream of one day meeting ‘the one’? Are you frustrated with dating life wondering if love even exists anymore?

Fear not for Wiwille provides you with proof that there is indeed someone for everyone. The infamous Peter Pan internet celebrity, and star of Willtuck’s painful post, has indeed found himself a lady friend to have and to hold from this day forward. Yes folks it seems as if our tight wearing friend is tying the not with a lucky lady.

See folks Wiwille is the bastion of optimism. Now knit me some tights so I can find myself a date.

Peter Pan’s Recent News and BLOG Page


~ by wiwille on November 14, 2007.

One Response to “There is indeed someone for everyone.”

  1. oh noes, i thought the last i saw of peter pan was on web drifter episode 5 *sad face* (see [… or don’t]:

    i don’t think prancing around wearing tights in seattle is going to find the date you have in mind, wiwille.

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