Jury slaps down Westboro Church

Westboro Church, the insane “God hates fags” fundies we’ve posted about before, just got a legal smackdown in the form of an eleven million dollar award to the father of a fallen Marine whose funeral Westboro protested. Sadly, I doubt it will stop Fred Phelps and his mutant offspring, and the plaintiff will probably never see a dime of the $11 million, but I still view it as  a blow for the side of right.


~ by mattbear on November 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Jury slaps down Westboro Church”

  1. I wonder if this Phelps guy ever stops to think about whether or not God hates people who co-opt Him to spread hatred. Probably not. I don’t think Phelps stops to think, period.

    I do agree that Phelps will get away without paying penny one but it does set a precedent for future hatemongers to keep their mouth shut.

  2. Phelps and his crew should be shot down in the street like the subhuman beasts they are – every man, woman and mis-born child among them. It’s time that American’s stop tolerating people who want our soldiers dead, who desecrate their graves, and who abuse their surviving families.

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