Zap ’em

I’ve been into Steampunk fiction, art, and fashion for awhile now. One of the curious things about this “subculture” or whatever you wish to call it is a love of rayguns. The old-fashioned alien weapons of the sort used in the old Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials.

What’s truly amazing is the amount some artists are able to sell their raygun props for. Take for example the current kings of raygun manufacture, Weta NZ. These are the same guys who do Peter Jackson’s movie special effects. Naturally, they’re turning out some top-notch all-metal props, in limited editions – but this one goes for nearly $700 USD:

Stentor Industries, which appears to be really just one person, makes replicas of sci-fi movie weapons, but of late has veered into the Steampunk raygun area too with this number:

No price is listed on his site for his props. While I doubt it’s as high as Weta’s, I imagine the answer is still “not cheap”.

Perhaps I’m in the wrong business. But then again, I don’t see demand for high-quality raygun props being a long-term thing.


~ by mattbear on October 31, 2007.

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