Hear the Drummer Get Wicked

While poking around online I stumbled across a mesmerizing video of one Travis Barker, formerly of mall-punk pioneers and official muzak providers for all Hot Topic retail locations Blink-182, going essentially ape shit on a drum kit while some radio friendly and mostly unintelligible rapper does his thing over the top of it all. Now I’m not a fan of Mr. Barker or any of his musical output, but I am a fan of ape-shit drummers, so I could give a good goddamn if he was responsible for paving the way for today’s emo plague. Drums are deceptively difficult to play (well), but hell, his routine isn’t really all that remarkable for any technical reason, it’s just furious. Soulja boy, indeed!


~ by willtuck on October 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hear the Drummer Get Wicked”

  1. He does like his crashes, doesnt he? Just wish he played even louder so we didnt have to listen to the damned awful song! (i use the word “song” loosely)

  2. Indeed, some cool drumming. Horrible song, though.

  3. […] Inspired by Willtuck posting this take on Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”, I am posting this take on that same […]

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