Smith & Wesson beats Four Aces…unless you’re playing online

 I loves me some poker. I play in a friendly little weekly No Limit Texas Hold’em game, mostly for the competition and bragging rights, and a little bit for the week’s worth of gas money I get if I win. I’ve played online a bit, but not in paid money games, because I don’t really like playing online. It just isn’t the same as sitting at the table, looking your opponent in the face trying to spot a tell.

Now there’s another reason not to play online. There are some accusations floating around the (fairly large) online poker community that one gaming site has been complicit in a cheating scam.

I’ll stick with face-to-face games when I’m playing for money, thank you very much. That way if I catch a cheat, I can shoot him with my pocket derringer (that’s an old west riverboat gambler joke, there, folks).


~ by mattbear on October 17, 2007.

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