Skinwalker Ranch

No, it’s not a porno.

Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch somewhere in Utah that has supposedly experienced all kinds of supernatural phenomena. The name comes from the Native American legend of the Skinwalker, people who could transform into an animal. Like a werewolf, but they control it.

Among the things reportedly encountered on Skinwalker Ranch are UFOs, “mysterious vehicles”, Bigfoot, ghost lights, poltergeists, cattle mutilations, and crop circles. A paranormal potpourri, if you will.

Naturally, it’s been reported on by Coast to Coast AM, the favorite radio show of Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer.

Reading up on Skinwalker Ranch brought to my attention the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci), which owned the ranch for awhile. NIDSci is apparently a group of smart-but-crazy scientists who study UFOlogy and other paranormal research. They get funding from somewhere for their crazy stuff, given that they bought the ranch, but maybe it’s just from the real estate developer who founded it. No matter where they get their funding, I would say they should use it to hire a Web site developer who isn’t stuck in 1995 and/or a former Heaven’s Gate member. I mean seriously, look at this home page.


~ by mattbear on October 15, 2007.

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