The Aptera…perhaps the eco-car I’ve been waiting for?

The futuristic-looking rig above is the Aptera, a new eco-car design that is suppose to start shipping in a year. With a cost of $27k for a full electric or $30k for a plug-in hybrid, it has a far more reasonable price than other current electric offerings like the Tesla and cooler design than a Prius.

The all-electric model is supposed to have a range of 120 miles, making it a nice commuter/city car. The plug-in hybrid claims 230 miles to the gallon. The Aptera is designed to carry 2 adults and an infant, at most.

What drew me to this car, aside from the futuristic design, was Inhabitat‘s posting headline¬†that labeled it a diesel-electric hybrid, something I have been wishing for in the open market – electric motor efficiency + diesel engine’s higher mileage and sturdiness + ability to run biodiesel = me buying it as soon as I can. However, Aptera’s site and the Inhabitat post both say it’s a gasoline powered motor, so I think the headline was mistaken and my dream has not yet come true. Ah well.


~ by mattbear on October 11, 2007.

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