Wednesday Wacko, 10-3

This week on Wednesday Wacko, I’d like to start by asking a question:

Have you ever seen the movie What the Bleep do we know?

I put it in my Netflix queue awhile back and watched it on the recommendation of a couple of friends. I was perplexed by this movie – how the hell were these people making these huge leaps from quantum physics to spirituality? Why was one of the “experts” on this topic a chiropractor?

And, who is this woman they keep showing without putting her name on the screen (all the others displayed their name and credentials)?

When it got to the credits, I discovered something that destroyed, in my mind, any credibility the movie had. The woman was my home state’s own famous crazy, JZ Knight.

Yes, JZ Knight, the woman local comedy show Almost Live used to refer to as “that bitch from Yelm”. JZ has made millions with her cult…err…”school” in Yelm, where she “channels” Ramtha, a 35,000 year old warrior spirit from Lemuria (a hypothetical lost continent that is now known by science to never have existed).

Even though Ramtha is confused by such complex modern concepts as “carrot”, he dispenses all kinds of sagely advice to lead suckers…err, I mean, students…to enlightenment -all through the embodiment of JZ Knight, who charges a small fortune for the classes. She then wallows in the profits in her mansion. (Although, she does give money out as a scholarship to local high school graduates)

Now, wacko religious leaders mostly just earn disdain from me. However, when they engage in the kind of bald-faced profiteering that JZ Knight has – such as sueing an Austrian woman for copyright infringement because said Austrian woman claimed to channel Ramtha as well – disdain gives way to disgust.

When said fringe religious leaders cause harm to another through belief in their obvious bullshit – like JZ Knight convincing her late husband who was HIV positive to forego medical treatment because Ramtha would heal him, eventually leading to his death from AIDS – disgust gives way to hate.

And that movie What the Bleep do we know?

That lost all credibility with me after I found out JZ Knight was not only in it, but it was produced by her organization. And they edited at least one of the experts interviews to make it seem like he agreed with what the movie was postulating, when the complete opposite was true.


~ by mattbear on October 3, 2007.

One Response to “Wednesday Wacko, 10-3”

  1. I just watched that movie the other night. Funny you mention her, cause my thoughts were that I’d enjoy this movie if only she weren’t in it. Sans her though I found the film intriguing, if not a huge stretch.

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