Maybe she just likes full-body-cavity searches

So, an MIT student goes to an airport to catch a flight, and she’s wearing a “hoodie” with an exposed circuit board, wiring, and lights on it. When asked what it is, she says it’s art, but security hauls her down and she winds up getting charged with having a “hoax device”.

Now, I’ve been against overreaction on the part of paranoid police before – such as the Mooninite/IED” confusion in Boston awhile back – but this one, I have to say I agree with the cops. At least partially.

This girl is smart enough to get into MIT, but dumb enough to walk into an airport wearing something homemade with exposed wiring and lights? Might as well walk in with a sign that says “Shoot me, I’m with al-Qaeda!”

Prosecuting her might be just a little extreme, but consider for a moment that she disrupted the normal business operation of an airport because she was too much of an idiot to not wear this thing. I would say she deserves some fines. Some people, though, are defending her. I say, if we defend this kind of moronic behavior, it will only encourage others to not think. She could have gotten herself shot walking into an airport with that on.

We live in a land today where, for better or for worse, paranoia is confused with security. Airports have become the number one place for that type of attitude. Think before you try to board a plane with something that might be even a little suspicious.


~ by mattbear on September 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “Maybe she just likes full-body-cavity searches”

  1. Governments have to start making idiocy and shit-disturbing a crime. This woman is ovbiously harmless, but by wasting time and effort with her, that’s time and effort not being spent on actual threats to our safety. Chances are there would be no danger being brought onto that plane, but at the least, it holds up the line and makes it take longer for you and me to peacefully and quietly get on the plane. In my perfect little world, she’s guilty of disturbing the peace.

  2. Anyone have an image of what she was wearing? I kinda wanna see that before I make a judgement.

  3. BoingBoing had it:

  4. Hm. Nice to see the knee-jerks at Boing Boing are in full effect. All in all I’d say it was a poor bit of judgement on her part, but I don’t think she was a prankster. Sounds like she’s a geek who enjoys crafting that shit and didn’t remember she was going to a wire-unfriendly place. Secure the (potential) threat, clarify what’s going on, move on. *shrug*. Looks like the airport folks acted appropriately and I don’t think she’s some rabble rouser out for attention either.

  5. […] So please, if you want to call yourself an artist, leave public not-bombing out of your portfolio. It isn’t art. It’s just stupid. […]

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