Tuesday music.

Everyone I know has those bands they love that normally provokes shame or worse a tongue lashing from Willtuck. Still I make no apologies for my adoration of ‘The Cult’, arguably one of the greatest 80s bands that no one even brings up anymore in conversations about music in that decade.


~ by wiwille on September 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Tuesday music.”

  1. I love The Cult. Absolutely love them. From the very first time I heard Edie (Ciao Baby) I was a follower.

    Their new album hits stores next Tuesday.

  2. While I can’t claim to have known much about The Cult during their heyday, I do like some of their work. Every once-in-a-while I just need to hear “She Sells Sanctuary”. It’s such a great song, Willtuck be damned!

  3. Hey, I have love for the Cult! “She Sells Sanctuary”, “Love Removal Machine” and shit, even later stuff like “Fire Woman” and “The Witch” from that misfire of a movie “Cool World” are great. Ian Astbury’s voice is a rock treasure, and he even shows up on the latest UNKLE album.

    Trivia: They were originally known as Southern Death Cult.

  4. I’m sorry I be-damed you then, Willtuck. I’ll have to check out their later stuff too.

    That said, I’m not sure I needed to see Ian Astbury in action. His heterogeneous image will haunt me into the future.

  5. The Cult were ok. I liked “Lil Devil” most out of their songs – it’s not a real art piece or anything, I just dig the straight-ahead rock sound of it.

    Loved that UNKLE track, thanks willtuck. May have to get me that new album. They sure do make some freaky damn videos, though.

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