“The seemingly impossible is possible.”

Every year, people smarter than us gather in Monterey, California to attend “TED” (Technology Entertainment Design), a conference designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas about various topics. It’s political, it’s artsy, it’s often pie in the sky, but ultimately it’s well regarded and home to some amazing presentations.

A recent post at one of my regularly visited favorite sites, Presentation Zen, talked about a lecture given at the latest TED by Professor Hans Rosling, a Swedish expert in the field of International Health. Below is a video of the fascinating 20-minute talk concerning the attainable future he believes the world can realize. Through the use of statistics and a custom software application he’s helped build, he makes a dramatic and beautiful argument for understanding the history of the world population’s overall health and what our future could look like. He’s obviously passionate about the subject, which makes any presentation better, but stick around to the end for proof of how strongly he believes in his message.


~ by willtuck on September 22, 2007.

One Response to ““The seemingly impossible is possible.””

  1. What a showman! I loved it.

    Is that a public database he was showing?

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