Nerd Fashion


I found this shirt the other day on one of my regular t-shirt shopping hunts around the Intertubes. It appeals to me for a number of reasons. I tend to like dark t-shirts with basic designs and little or no words. This fits all the criteria with the added bonus of bringing a little get-up to a pretty nerdy subject matter. And let’s face it, nerds need all the help they can get. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I think I might.


~ by nhak on September 19, 2007.

One Response to “Nerd Fashion”

  1. i’ve been frequenting the weekly iptv webcast called the totally rad show, and one of the hosts has on many occasions pointed out that “nerd is the new cool”. while sure, these shirts are targeted at… well, the nerd herd, it’s not to say the rest of population wouldn’t mind sporting one. *cough*nhak*cough*

    you figure this was destined to become one of those short term internet trends (a la intarwebs-startup disaster), but seems that the market for inexpensive, yet humorously tasteful clothing is going on strong. i think the market is good for the t-shirt industry; the big players in the game today are the novelty and street wear/couture styles.

    i think this was brought up in our early days of posting, but i wouldn’t mind entertaining the idea of making some BOSCT shirts. this is of course for our own benefit, though it could extend as a source fund if it ever became popular.

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