Culinary advice.

Recently the fine establishment known to all as Hooters has opened up a restaurant in China. Yes the good folks decided to take their service (implants) global to serve the Asian market.

Now I’m sure Hooters is properly staffed with girls Willtuck and Zooloo would hit, but I myself am torn about the place. As it may surprise some I’ve never actually set foot in the chain and really don’t have much desire. When I want hot wings I go to the Wing Dome. When I want attention from women who are not above selling their sexuality I go to a certain establishment on Lake City Way. Then again maybe I’m selling myself short. Is their food any good at all? Are the waitresses as hot as the commercials? Should this be a place I frequent?

Hooters Beijing


~ by wiwille on September 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Culinary advice.”

  1. I’ve never eaten there, either. The closest I’ve come to the Hooters experience was when a certain manager at work went to a Hooters before coming to a party I was hosting, picked up on the waitress, brought her to my party, and then left her there.

    She was an able drinker, not a bad dancer, and pretty easy on the eyes. And she was really cool about getting dumped at a party with a bunch of strangers.

  2. I can’t speak for eating establishments out your way, but in Toronto, there are better places to get chicken.
    I’ve gone to Hooters once. I felt dirty (like strip club dirty) being in there and thus was very untrusting of the food. It was okay, but there are closer places with better food.
    However, if I was in China, I would probably go there because I don’t like Chinese food and would be jonesing for western food.

  3. I’ve been to a few Hooters establishments in my lifetime and generally, the food was fine if you avoided their goddawful wings. I’m not so sure the food is the draw, though…

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