Wednesday Wackos, Sept. 12, 2007

What do you get when you merge belief in Nikola Tesla “lost technology” theories, space aliens, reincarnation, and worldwide enlightenment/world peace? You get the Unarius Academy of Science.

Really a religion/cult, the Unarians were founded by a couple, Ernest and Ruth Norman. The religion spouts constantly about “science” side by side with the belief that co-founder Ruth Norman was an incarnation of the archangel Uriel (as well as Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth I, and more). According to Unarians, 33 alien ships will one day descend on Earth, build a new alien-high-tech city in Jamul, California (current population: just under 6000) and start a new era of enlightenment and world peace. Of course, the founders predicted this would happen in October of 2001. I don’t recall 33 ships or world peace happening that year, but your mileage my vary. The Unarians hold a festival every year in mid-October to make contact with the aliens (the Muons from Myton). Next month they’ll be holding the 24th such festival.

With the passing of the date predicted for the landing and world peace, the numbers of the Unarians are dwindling (the population of the Unarius Academy of Science was down to 25 people in 2001), so if you’d like to get down to El Cajon, CA and meet these wackos, you should do so soon – before they wind up deciding to all eat some jello, if you know what I mean.


~ by mattbear on September 12, 2007.

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