Paging Dr Billy.

Due to the holiday my martial arts school was closed on Monday. My instructor invited me to train in the advanced class yesterday with the black belts. I went thinking that there would be others from my class, but sadly I was the only yellow belt present. The class was an hour and a half as opposed to an hour and most of it was dedicated to cardio.

The class went well, but when I hopped into my car to go home I realized I pulled a muscle I never knew I had. Located just below my right hip, but not quite in the groin area, the pain is not so bad yet annoying enough to keep me from training tonight and possibly the rest of the week.

So I ask the dear readers of BOSCT what they do to treat such an injury. Do you use Ben-Gay, Tiger Balm, or various other ointments? Would a massage help? Should I just drown out the pain by popping a bunch of vicodin and wash it down with 5 beers? Since you’re finger is on the pulse of the medical community I figure the best source of information will come from you rather than some pansy doctor. Fellow scribes feel free to chime in here. I’m looking for some advice from the highly athletic and dead sexy Mattbear and Willtuck.


~ by wiwille on September 5, 2007.

One Response to “Paging Dr Billy.”

  1. You mock my athletic abilities?

    Ok, they’re pretty mock-able. I get winded standing up from my couch. But when it comes to martial arts, I am a master of the best one: Fatguyfallsonyou-do. It has precisely one move, and is extremely effective.

    One does not have to be an athlete to learn about muscle sprain remedies. In fact, it’s because of my unathleticism that I am very familiar with various remedies for muscle aches. I have had very good results from Arnica Oil. It’s a homeopathic remedy that I have found to work better than Icy Hot or Tiger Balm or similair ointments, and without the nasty smell most of those have.

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