The Day After


To celebrate labor this past weekend, three fifths of the current BOSCT writers (nhak, zooloo, myself) and some Friends of Billy (FOBs) assembled to drink large amounts of fortified spirits and generally revel. A neighborhood was chosen (nhak’s for its close proximity to multiple dens of ill repute), delicious beverages were consumed (thanks to the skilled bartending at Sun Liquor) and mistakes were made (willtuck accidentally spewing a fine mist of Soy Russian on nhak’s laptop). Alas, no photographic evidence exists to mark the occasion, but initial plans were formulated for the first annual Billy Ocean BBQ. We’ll keep you posted.

All told it was a great evening, but it was not without a price.

The hangover.

I’ve spent today in a sort of zombie state recovering, hoping my head would stop hurting and my stomach would feel like accepting food. Usually, my method of dealing with this involves a lot of napping, my logic being that if you can sleep, you can’t feel pain. I’ll also drink a ton of water to try and get my body back to normal levels, but as far as any immediate hangover cure, I don’t use any. What about you? What do you do for hangovers?


~ by willtuck on September 3, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. I just drink about a gallon of water and a lot of sinus medication. As for immediate pain killers well i’ve never found one that worked.

  2. I normally end up waking up quite early in the morning when I’m working on a really stellar hangover (like I most assuredly had yesterday). I’m talkin’ like 6am. I’ll just get up and go down a couple big glasses of water and a couple of Advil. Then I turn on a dime and head right back to bed. By the time I wake up later I’m usually right as rain.

    That’s how I usually do things. For some reason that didn’t work yesterday. I slept too late and then was just up for good. It goes without saying I struggled through the entire day. I also did my best zombie impersonation.

    I really do want to hit Sun Liquor again, but I don’t necessarily want to repeat the rest of the evening.

  3. For hangovers, I rely more on “cope” than “cure”. I just go into a kind of meditative mode with “oh god please kill me” as my mantra. I would just sit around for a couple of hours with my eyes closed, listening to the rythm of the pounding in my head. I actually enjoyed hangovers on a certain level. Now that I rarely drink and almost never get drunk, it’s not so much a concern.

  4. nhak: Yeah, I feel like crap about your laptop. I cleaned it as much as I could, but hopefully you were able to get it back to normal?

  5. holy sheet… i haven’t had a hangover like that in ages; a rare thing for me, even after some hefty drank sessions. my hangover cure involves a couple multi-vitamins, washed down by a large bottle of gatorade. i unfortunately had to get up early for bumbershoot yesterday, and while it was a great time, i was hangin on a thread all day.

    by the way, that was some funny ass shit when willtuck chocolate rained his beverage all over nhak’s laptop.

  6. Chocolate Rain, v.t, chok’lut-ray’n – To unexpectedly spray an alcoholic beverage from the mouth as a mist.

    “Shit, dude, you totally just chocolate rained Guinness all over my new shirt!”

  7. The laptop survived without any severe damage. Needless to say that it and many other surfaces in my house were pretty sticky the next morning.

    I’ll try to have more food and drink handy if I’m to have people drunkenly visiting again.

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