10 Sites that used to rule, but now suck.

Let’s face it: no one can keep up good content forever. Eventually even the best blog, fansite, independent news site, or anything else on the web will let its standards slip and start to suck. Therefore, I* present to you 10 Sites that used to rule, but now suck.

1. Slashdot.

True, some people did not like Slashdot from the beginning. However, it used to contain actually interesting news about technology, gadgets, and all things that would warm the geek heart. Given its Linux/Open Source bent, it was inevitable that all useful information would get buried under Microsoft hating and complaining about DRM and the RIAA. Now it’s just the two minutes hate with Bill Gates as the enemy.

2. Rocketboom.

I will happily admit that the main reason I watched Rocketboom every day was my lust for Amanda Congdon. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I got some entertaining web highlights and some eyecandy all at once, and to boot it was one of the first video blogs (I think we should just call them “shows”). Once they got rid of Amanda, they got rid of me as a viewer.

3. Boingboing.

Like Slashdot, this was once a great site for geeks to get technology news and see what new gadgets were coming down the pike. Add in some general weird news type posts and a smattering of varied topics, and you had a great site. Slowly but surely, Boingboing became mired in the self-promotion of its authors, and posts about their pet subjects. I’ve read quite enough about Disneyland, copyright issues, and pretend gadgets crocheted out of pet’s hair, thank you. Yet I still read it almost daily. I’m not even sure why, at this point.

4. Metafilter.

Metafilter, MeFi, the Blue. It used to provide handy and/or amusing links, presenting the best of the web each day and getting to the memes ahead of the curve. Then they opened up membership and let more and more people post. Now you’re more likely to find a 220 comment argument about posting “one-link YouTube posts” than any real content.

5. Digg.

Populist voting to rank great posts? Awesome idea. But once it becomes popular, the stupidity of the public takes over, and good posts about news or buried stories get overwhelmed by the latest iPhone and Halo 3 hype. Or “lolcats”.

6. Waiter Rant.

Waiter Rant was once the wry musings of an intelligent, witty NY waiter, relating the trials and tribulations of food service work and putting them in the scope of the larger scale of life. Then he got a book deal and quit the restaurant. That should have been the end of his waiter-oriented blog, but nay nay! He continues writing and merely couching his observations in stories set in restaurants. It somehow comes off far less genuine, and far less interesting.

7. Clublife.

Clublife was kind of “discovered” by the Waiter of Waiter Rant, and blew up big as a result. Written by a bouncer for a premiere NY nightclub, it exposed just how ugly the NY club scene can be and how un-glamorous bouncing really is. Then he got a book deal (before “The Waiter” who discovered him). Like Waiter Rant, this should have ended the blog, but he kept blogging. About his book. Bo-ring.

8. Political Wire.

Once an insightful look into political campaigns, now Goddard has given a third of his page design to ads and posts nothing more than various polls telling you what you already know.

9. Crooks and Liars and One Good Move (tie).

Previously fine examples of political discourse and critique, these sites are now nearly indistinguishable as they post nothing but YouTube videos from The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann, Fox News, or any other vaguely political source. I guess actually discussing these things went out of style.

10. Any blog or site that starts posting “Top 10″/”Best of”/”Worst of” type lists

Oh crap.

* I had help from Wiwille compiling this list. So don’t blame just me if your favorite site is listed. Or do; if your favorite site is listed here we clearly think your opinion sucks anyway.

~ by mattbear on August 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “10 Sites that used to rule, but now suck.”

  1. 1. A mixture of hyperbolic LINUX cultists and perhaps the world’s worst conversation thread system have made this a longtime hate favorite.

    2. I stopped watching around the same time, but maybe not for the same reasons. I just wasn’t interested in their content anymore. The Congdon replacement was competent enough. Where are you now, Amanda?

    3. Couldn’t agree more on this one. Except for the “still read it almost daily” part. I stopped doing that a long time ago, sometime after the 85th post about a “crazy subway system map.”

    4. Again, same sentiment. Metafilter was great, but eventually it just became this bastion of pedantic bickering. To you I say “Good day!”

    5. This is my current “random shit” goto site. I particularly enjoy the “Videos” section. And fuck you, LOLCats are great.

    6. I always suspected this guy was bogus, and I still do. His stories were just a little too good to be true, but I still liked reading him.

    Did his book do THAT well?

    7. Never heard of it. More potential for bogosity (look it up!)

    8. Never heard of it. Sounds like shit.

    9. I kinda like these guys for the videos. It seemed like there was a period there for a while where some really interesting stuff was happening on those shows, watercooler stuff like the Stewart-Crossfire thing. Once all that dried up, no reason to visit these sites no ‘mo. Digg does me right for my video fix, which includes the occasional Olberman scolding.

    10. Fuck you, those rule.

  2. willtuck > “6. I always suspected this guy was bogus, and I still do. His stories were just a little too good to be true, but I still liked reading him.

    Did his book do THAT well?”

    Actually, I don’t think his book is even out yet.

  3. I also have given up on Slashdot, and for the most part Boingboing.

    Occasionally I shed a tear for Metafilter. I discovered that site at the point in my Internet development when I was up for actually looking for intellectual content. For a while I just lapped up whatever was discussed there. Now it’s become a mess of self-promotion and pretentiousness.

    I would also add Reddit to this list. For a short while (I swear, just a couple of weeks) it was a really sweet alternative to Digg. Now it’s just over-run with political agendas and crappy fake news. I’ve sadly returned to Digg.

  4. good comentary and some valid points, especailly about digg

  5. 1. Slashdot is definitely awful – used to be a lot more interesting earlier. The signal to noise ratio keeps heading downward.

    I never cared for Digg, because the interface drove me nuts.

    If you’re looking for good political stuff, I always like realclearpolitics.com (just for a bunch of links) and politico.com (a politics focused paper out in DC).

  6. Oh yeah, as long as we’re on the topic of sites that suck now – ESPN.com should be up there. Between all the graphical crap and the ads, its hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake now.

  7. collegehumor.com

    granted, the team that runs this site is different from what it used to be awhile back, this one has tanked quite a bit in recent days.

  8. […] having bashed on MetaFilter before, I do still peruse the site occassionally. Yesterday there was a post that dealt peripherally […]

  9. […] time to play…BoingBoingBingo! We have heaped abuse on Boing Boing before, and apparently we are not the only ones who have these complaints about how […]

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