The lessons of violence.

After the deadly riots that ensued following the Danish cartoons being published editors have been treating the Muslim community with kid gloves. Fearing violence publishers have demanded that the content of their media be respectful at all times to Islam. When discussing the faith writers and broadcasters are quick to pull a disclaimer always referring to violent followers of Muhammad as extremists.

My knowledge of the Koran is limited as I’ve read a translated copy of it over fifteen years ago, but this post isn’t about the tenets of the faith and ones interpretation of it. The real issue is the media’s cowering to violence, which can be understandable, but unfortunate for people who want their content to be bold and unforgiving. The latest controversy involves another strip called Opus. Yes it’s another strip by Berkeley Breathed, creator of Bloom County (which ruled) and Outland, which displays one of it’s less than intelligent characters becoming an Islamic radical. As expected newspapers are refusing to print it in fear of retaliation by followers of the Religion of Peace.

Berkeley Breathed’s announcement on the pulling of the cartoon.


~ by wiwille on August 24, 2007.

One Response to “The lessons of violence.”

  1. I’d forgotten Breathed even returned to the comics. I was a big fan of Bloom County in the day, and even Outland to a lesser degree. Perhaps this is Breathed’s way of staying relevant?

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