Won’t Michael J. Fox be thrilled…

The DMC “Delorean” was only produced for two years in the 80’s, but it has become an iconic car. Between the mystique of the stainless steel body, gullwing doors, and its manufacturer getting stung in a drug bust, it already had a devoted and somewhat deluded following even before it was put in the Back to the Future films.

Although the cars really weren’t that great in the first place, the remaining 6,500 or so have been snatched up and lovingly cared for by collectors and enthusiasts. A mechanic in Texas who has specialized in repairing the now 25+ year old cars is banking on this mystique and popularity by launching his own Delorean Motor Company (John Delorean even gave him the “ok” to use the name before he passed on) that will be making brand new Deloreans at a rate of about two per month, using a large stockpile of engines and parts they have amassed.

The car enthusiast and 80s child in me wants to cheer. But the realist side says, why bother selling new cars for $57k that weren’t any good 25 years ago?


~ by mattbear on August 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Won’t Michael J. Fox be thrilled…”

  1. Is a flex capasitor part of the package?

  2. Why did people spend 80K on the H2 (its a very large piece of crap)?

    People buy the name and the image. The car itself is an after thought.

  3. i read about this on another blog the other day, and the plan is to start manufacturing now. goals are to have the first few deloreans roll out by early next year.

    interestingly enough, the “stockpile” comprises of what remained of the delorean motor company prior to closing down in 1983. in other words, they are brand new, unused, authentic dmc parts… from a quarter century ago.

    additionally, the reason behind making only a couple a month is that each new delorean will be hand assembled. since standards in cars have changed in the past couple decades, there will also be improvements/upgrades made to the new cars.

    so the question now is… who’s going to start a company making flux capacitors and time machine body kits?

  4. >”so the question now is… who’s going to start a company making flux capacitors and time machine body kits?”

    It already exists, my friend:

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