I hope you’re sitting down.

Because the public was unsure of their orientation Siegfried and Roy have finally announce that they are indeed gay. Yes the flamboyant magicians have written a tell all book describing their lives together, including details of their previous affair. You know this will be a great read as their coming out of the closet was a huge shock to you.

Siegfried and Roy announce they’re gay



~ by wiwille on August 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “I hope you’re sitting down.”

  1. Well, sure Siegfried is gay. Who didn’t know that? But there’s no way Roy is gay. He’s the pillar of masculinity. He was is what all of the world’s most manly men aspire to be. I’m sure his sexual resume is making Wilt Chamberlain roll around in his grave. The guy’s such a pussy hound, he makes Gene Simmons seem gay by comparison. Even Hugh Hefner looks up to Roy for cryin’ out lod. I refuse to accept Roy being gay.

  2. This is the most unsurprising coming out since Rob Halford. And it only took a near-fatal tiger mauling for them to come out. Awesome. I’m sure they’ll be heroes to the gay community now.

  3. Will nobody think of the tigers?!

  4. Hey Mattbear, the Rob Halford thing was a shock, but if you go back and look at him back in the day. He was a total leather queen. The only reason he got away with it for so long was because metalheads were completely unaware of that aspect of gay culture.

  5. @Whatigotsofar: Halford was no shock. I fail to understand how that was a shock to anyone. When I was like 10 years old, I saw a Judas Priest video with him all done up in leather, with the hat and everything. I barely had a concept of what gay was at that time, but I saw that video and immediately thought, “Oh, that dude’s gay”. I mean, he could have been right out of the “Blue Oyster Bar” scene in Police Academy (about as much reference as I had at that time for leather men).

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