Two wheels with style

I loves me some motorcycles. I especially like customized motorcycles, ones that don’t look like every other Honda or Yamaha or even Harley that rolls out of the factory. Customized motorcycles became a booming trend after Jesse James with West Coast Choppers got big and Orange County Choppers got their own TV show. This was great for the Harley riding types, and was a boon to the industry as everybody wanted their own chopper. Victory Motorcycles hit the market with factory bikes that look like customs.

All well and good for guys who want cruisers. What of those who prefer riding sports bikes? They were left to hacking off parts to trim down for racing and adding aftermarket gear that makes the bike go faster, but adds no style.

The change has come. Bikes like Pantera’s P-007 concept and Ecosse Moto Works’ Heretic are bringing style to going fast and living dangerously. I am more of a cruiser guy, but I sure wouldn’t mind having one of these beauties.

Of course, all I could afford was an old rat bike. And mine’s been broken so I haven’t been able to ride.


~ by mattbear on August 14, 2007.

8 Responses to “Two wheels with style”

  1. Check out the Confederate Motorcycles (like the Wraith), or the guys at who make old-school choppers with Ducati V-twin engines. Niiiiice stuff.

  2. Given my recent car drama dumping a few thousand into a custom bike doesn’t seem like a bad investment.

  3. I’m parting ways with my auto within the week. I don’t really expect to go the 2-wheeled route, though. Feet, bike, and bus for me, thanks.

    The last time I was on 2 motorized wheels it was my friend’s moped in college and I crashed it within 20 feet. That was not my best moment.

  4. uh, what happened to that bike?

    i’m a huge fan of cafe racers and customs, but this seems off to me. it looks like a chopper frankensteined with a streetfighter seat and stretch swingarm.

    i would probably appreciate it more if the design was more drag race-oriented, but damn. the rake is way too sharp up front, so i can imagine this thing handles like a mule. the stretch swingarm and location of the rear tire are not symmetrical to the entire ride either.

    this would be acceptable if they use clip-on bars instead of a cruiser handle. also elevate the seat just a little, and position the foot controls towards the middle, or rear. the swingarm will still look goofy, but at least practicality would match form.

    i’m personally a fan of jesse rooke’s customs:

  5. You and your “practicality”…go get a station wagon.

  6. i will get a station wagon, and run over that bike with it.

    while the pantera looks awful, i do like the heretic. that’s a custom cafe racer done proper.

  7. And stop badmouthing wagons! Some of my favorite cars are wagons.
    In fact, doesn’t the Mini qualify as a wagon of sorts, given that it’s a hatchback?

  8. Nyet. A wagon is elongated. Short cars with a lift-up-back are hatchbacks. The coming Mini Clubman will be a station wagon, basically.

    And there’s really nothing wrong with station wagons, I’ve owned two or three in my time. It was just the best thing I could think of for that joke.

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