Tuesday nigh…err…day music.

I’m no longer a night owl, but doesn’t mean I can’t continue my weekly music postings. I’ve yet to see The Blue Man Group live, nor am I a big fan of The Who, but still this cover is interesting. After viewing it I may have to see them next time I’m in Vegas. Well that is if I can ever stop spending all my cash at the strip clubs.


~ by wiwille on August 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tuesday nigh…err…day music.”

  1. I’ve never seen the Blue Man Group perform before. What can I say, whenever I find myself in Vegas there always seem to be more entertaining ways to spend my money.

    And after seeing this video I don’t think I will need to go see them now. For some reason I figured the blue men played a more central role in the production, and musical performance. In this video the rest of the band is more entertaining, though only marginally more talented than the blue dudes.

    I guess I was envisioning more of a Blue Man Stomp or something.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Blue Man Group…but Cirque du Soleil takes precedence. If I ever have the money to go to Vegas and I don’t take the wife to see Cirque there, she would probably kill me.

  3. i saw ka last time i was in vegas, but would like to watch blue man group for the next trip. speaking of strippers, i hooked up with one while i was down there, it was quite the good experience.

    ah, i miss vegas..

    my wallet doesn’t, though.

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