Best trilogy ever?

Since I’m a movie nerd I’ve read more than one article detailing how the Bourne films are the best triolgy ever. While this is not a huge feat given that most triolgies contain one film that’s crap (Indiana Jones, The Godfather) it’s still a bold statement. There are only a couple I can name where each film maintains a quality picture (Lord of the Rings, The Colors Trilogy), but there are so many that start off well only to tank by the end. Movies like Back to the Future, Die Hard, and the Matrix were crowd pleasers for whatever reason, but their sequels hardly lacked the charm that once brought in the box office.

For the most part a film has to be wildly successful or have admiral qualities to turn a sequel, but I ask you dear BOSCT readers what’s the worst trilogy you’ve witnessed. Can you think of three films that still make you wonder why any of them were made?

My vote is for the Look Who’s Talking films. I’ll never understand the success; however mild, of those films.


~ by wiwille on August 13, 2007.

15 Responses to “Best trilogy ever?”

  1. The Police Academy double-trilogy FTW.

  2. Well, I was kind of disappointed with the Spiderman trilogy. The first two movies were great, but the third film ruined the whole series for me.

  3. Most of the movie trilogies I would mention actually consisted of one pretty good movie and then a money-grubbing dash by the production companies to cash in. This almost always results in the 2nd and 3rd movies sucking oily weasel tail. Witness:

    Bring It On
    Jurassic Park
    The Mighty Ducks
    Crocodile Dundee

  4. >”My vote is for the Look Who’s Talking films.”

    The horror, the horror. I was dragged to the first one by a friend who thought we were on a date. Even if I hadn’t already been totally against the idea of going out with her, insisting on seeing that movie made sure we would never be a couple.

    >”The Police Academy double-trilogy FTW.”
    Alright, I know even the first one was bad, but it has a fond place in my heart. When I was 13, that movie was funny.

    Does it have to be a trilogy only? Because my vote would be for the Leprechaun movies. What could surpass the horribleness that must be Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood?

    If it’s got to be a trilogy, to throw my own in I’d have to go with the Major League series. Yes, there is a third one, but they couldn’t get Charlie Sheen to come back for it, even though he was at possibly the lowest point in his career (this was two years after the flop “The Arrival”).

  5. wait a minute… nhak liked bring it on? hm. ok.

    i vote for 3 ninjas… three suburbia, caucasian kids who learn kar-ah-tey, and cause mischief to save their family or whatever.


  6. There were two sequels to “3 Ninjas”? Did they feature Ernie Reyes Jr.? EE-YAH!

  7. Yes. I enjoyed Bring It On in all its Eliza Dushku-shakin’ glory. Is that so wrong?

  8. I watched most of Mean Girls last night…*looks down nervously*…it has Lindsay Lohan in it.

  9. Alright, I’m going to say it: Mean Girls really wasn’t too bad. It was kind of “Heathers Lite”, but not bad. And there is nothing wrong at all with watching post-18-but-pre-anorexia Lindsay Lohan.

    Wiwille and I once discussed what the most underrated recent movie was. I could not come up with an answer for the longest time. Then someone mentioned Eliza Dushku, and I told Wiwille, “Bring It On is the most underrated recent movie.” He looked astounded, and I explained: “Someone, somewhere, decided to put Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku in cheerleader outfits and make a whole movie around it. That man is a genius.”

  10. @nhak: well, when you put it that way… no, not so wrong.

    @willtuck: if 3 ninjas ever featured ernie reyes jr., that would’ve made those movies awesome. but nigh, he wasn’t… and the trilogy was far from awesomeness.

  11. Indiana Jones does not have a weak film. The trilogy is intact.
    Some other good trilogies:
    – Star Wars
    – Porky’s
    – Star Treks II, IV & VI

  12. I sort of agree with Whatigotsofar about the Indiana Jones films. The weakest was probably “…the Last Crusade”, but it was still a fun flick. “…and the Temple of Doom” gets so much shit but it might be my favorite. A guy gets his heart ripped out and while it’s still beating, has it shown to him before he gets dropped into lava! And this is years before torture-porn movies like Saw and Hostel became popular!

    I think the word you’re looking for is “visionary”.

  13. I was thinking Ernie Reyes Jr. was in 3 Ninjas as well, but nyet. He did do Surf Ninjas and that may be what we were thinking of.

    And indeed there were four “3 Ninjas” movies, the last one apparently having the combined awesomeness of featuring Hulk Hogan, Loni Anderson, and Jim Varney.

  14. Ernie Reyes Jr or not, no bad movie is complete without Ray Walston.

  15. I concur that the Indiana Jones set is a very solid trilogy. Quite likely my favorite as a group, though none of them really match up to the 2 good Godfathers.

    I’m not familiar with the Star Trek movies mentioned, but if I’m reading roman numerals correctly it’s tough to argue that as being a trilogy.

    Also I never saw any of these 3 Ninjas movies. Thank jeebus.

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