Pictures for Sound

I’m not usually a fantastic fan of music videos. For the most part they seem to be aimless films that more often than not have little more to do with the music than to perpetuate the theme that music artists are rich. I’ve seen enough bitches and cars videos in my time to become pretty jaded with the whole practice. I’m sure that the majority of the problem for me is that I have little way to get music videos on TV other than from 2 until 2:12 in the morning on MTV38.

Some videos do make me stop and take notice, though. What engages me can usually be summed up into two categories. A short story that relates to the theme or lyrics of the song, or something that is just plain cool and original (like the OK Go video I posted about a while ago).

An example of the story video would be M Ward’s “Chinese Translation”. This is a very literal representation of the lyrics, but I really like the style in which it is done. Radiohead videos tend to be classified here as well, though that could just be me overthinking things.

As far as just cool videos, examples from Tool, Beck, and Gnarls Barkley come to mind

Here’s a recent just cool video that caught my eye. It’s sort of in theme with Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon Of Choice”.

RJD2 – Work It Out

The performer is Bill Shannon.


~ by nhak on August 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Pictures for Sound”

  1. As a complete klutz and brute, I both admire and intensely envy people with that kind of grace and coordination.

  2. Great song and impressive video. I always love one-shot videos because the effort to pull them off is insane. To me, the pinnacle of the one shot video is Gondry’s “Sugar Water” video for Cibo Matto. Two concurrent one shot videos, one moving forward in time, the other backwards, with intertwining main characters. Amazing.

  3. That was really cool! I’d not seen that Cibo Mato video before. It is probably the best of the one-take videos. Now if only they could work in some crutches…

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