You’re guilty!

In the wake of the Michael Vick scandal many agree that the crime is horrendous and hope if he’s found guilty the book will be thrown at him. Interestingly enough there are a few people who’ve capatlized on this story to garner publicity for their agenda such as PETA and race card playing organizations. Most seem to accuse Vick of wrong doing, but in the same breath will be quick to jump all over anyone who feels disgusted by the actions the over rated quarterback may have done. I’ve read many an article accusing Vick opponents as hypocrites and worse racists.

Zia Terhune, founder of Veg4Life Potlucks, not surprisingly believes that people who purchase milk, eggs, and meat participate in the same barbarism that Vick is supposedly involved with. Fascinating. I had no idea that the meat packing industry has cows fighting to the death only to have the badly wounded being electrocuted. Is my chicken the results of a cock fight?

Eating meat is animal cruelty



~ by wiwille on August 9, 2007.

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