Maybe someone will go Postal on Uwe Boll

Tomorrow, apparently, the newest cinematic disaster from every gamers’ least favorite director, Uwe Boll, will premiere in San Francisco. He got ahold of the rights to the incredibly politically incorrect game Postal, and turned into a movie that apparently opens with a joke about 9/11. I suspect it only goes downhill from there, but I haven’t seen it (and won’t), so I don’t want to say definitively. I’m ashamed to say that Dave Foley is in the movie as well. Dave used to be funny, and had a career.

The game really wasn’t that great in the first place, so it’s not like Uwe’s really ruining that memory for us or anything. But for the love of all that is holy, won’t someone please stop this madman from making more of these abominations?


~ by mattbear on August 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Maybe someone will go Postal on Uwe Boll”

  1. so, you don t have a clue. so what?
    so you don t like him. so, thanks for this high in information post

  2. Holy crap, a Boll Apologist! I thought they were only myths, like the Yeti or “Compassionate Conservatives”.

    Shit, that might even be Boll himself!

  3. there is more things under the sun than most people imagine. at least i watched the movie. even in the version, where you can see naked people on screen in the cinema,,oh my gosh,, and after being shitted with hollywood stuff in the 80ies when media was still rather controlled, i really have to take a stand for this really independent entrepreneur. gotta love the underdog and gotta despise the mob hiding themselves in the horde. not a great but a funny movie, especially for hypocrits.
    with best regards from the old world


  4. you know which hollywood movies i mean, the cheap ones, which you had to buy in bundle, for tv, before you could get great troma movies on video

  5. nexuslex – I have to assume that the fact that your comments make no sense and are virtually unreadable is due to English not being your native language. Although the fact that you are defending Uwe Boll suggests the real reason is that you are insane.

  6. i don t think so
    i just pointed out that the original post lacked any substantial information, but the writers gut feelings
    then i explained why i think the movie is worth giving it a chance
    i don t think i could explain it easier to you in german
    i try easy sentences
    i have to assume you listen to your gut feeling solely
    gut luck

    p.s. not clinically insane, yet

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