“They Can’t All be Doctors and Lawyers…”

Mrs. Willtuck and I sometimes like to go for drives through nice neighborhoods and dream about the future we’ll probably never have. I’ve more than once wondered aloud “What do these people do? There can’t be this much money floating around!” as we cruise past elaborate homes with expensive cars in beautiful driveways next to immaculate lawns.

Money magazine took this sentiment and ran with it recently. A reporter decided to visit some of the wealthiest zip codes in America and start knockin’ on doors to learn just who is making all that money and how they did it. It’s a very interesting look behind the doors of those stately manors and in many cases it just confirms for me that the only success worth having is the success you’ve achieved on your own terms. The people he spoke with are driven and self-made. They all had ideas and the will and courage to carry them out, something I’m definitely envious of.

Now I know, I know, money can’t buy happiness, blah blah blah. Bullshit. Money can most certainly buy happiness, or at least the ability to pursue it. Money, handled correctly, can facilitate happiness. It’s certainly not the only root of happiness, but it’s a pretty good one.


~ by willtuck on August 7, 2007.

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