Mahjong = Bad For Your Brain… Or Something Else.

Hi Kids. Zooloo here, alive again from the BOSCT crew to share an interesting news story.

In a recent study, the centuries-old Chinese game called mahjong can lead to seizures in a condition purportedly called mahjong epilepsy. Mahjong is a game that does require a great deal of thought, and the mental stresses of playing through a single session can be fairly high. Of course, we all know that in a traditional mahjong house, the smoking, drinking, often poor lighting conditions, lack of cleanliness, and the not-so-uncommon session that lasts several hours has nothing to do with developing a seizure.

Nope, not at all.

Lest we forget the fact that losing your stakes usually results in an unhappy, suicidal and/or murderous stressful state of mind. So beware, fellow readers, play mahjong at your own risk.

Think of the kids, and Billy.


~ by zooloo on August 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Mahjong = Bad For Your Brain… Or Something Else.”

  1. Mahjong would be so much cooler if every once in a while you saw some old dude in a park playing a game with another old dude get up and yell “Mahjong, motherfucker!” and slam a tile down.

    This would probably cause the other old guy to have a seiz-…hey!

  2. Screw the children, will someone think of the geriatrics?

  3. Mahjong can hurt you and your love ones.

    Know someone with a Mahjong problem? Call 1-800-REALOLD

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