Billy’s New Look

In light of Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer’s recent resurrection, a redesign seemed necessary. Things could still change, but what do you think? I like the wider column and the categories on the side of this design, and I’ve updated the banner to reflect the next phase of Billy’s career from young crooner to “distinguished older dredlocked gentleman”. Your thoughts?


~ by willtuck on August 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Billy’s New Look”

  1. I do like the new design, at least for the most part. The main page no longer indicates who filed a story, though. I suppose we could figure it out, knowing that mattbear posts about wackos, wiwille focuses on SJ, and zooloo gets the rest of the female race. Still, it’s nice to see this without drilling in on a story.

  2. Nhak’s comment above is the only complaint I have with the new style. Other than that minor glitch, I think the new design is awesome.

  3. I’m with Nhak and Mattbear. I’m a follower.

  4. Alas, my friends, it appears there’s no way to modify the “theme” to show authors. Our dear leader would have to change the theme, and thereby the entire look of the blog, to show authors on each post. I think he spent too much time on this redesign and made it look too good to go undoing all that work just for our vanity.

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