Another tragedy, another conspiracy.

Most loyal BOSCT readers understand that if there’s one thing we enjoy more than Scarlette Johnannson’s breasts it’s conspiracy theories. Given all the attention given to 9/11 ‘truth seekers’ and theories of this nature are rather abundant. With the advent of the Internet anyone can post there delusional explanations of world events rather quickly.

Just hours after the Minnesota bridge collapse people are already speculating causes behind the event. Faulty engineering seems to be the common consensus, but one writer believes there is something more sinister behind this. The idea behind this is confusing as the author explains how the US used ‘ULF’ weapons that targeted a low frequency blast that supposedly caused the bridge to crumble. He also states that the area surrounding it is home to the largest Muslim population in the US which the government is deliberately targeting as a sleeper cell. If you’re a glutton you can read more details here.


~ by wiwille on August 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Another tragedy, another conspiracy.”

  1. Dear lord. I’ve seen some crazy conspiracy theorists who used their brains to make huge leaps of logic, sometimes impressive ones. But this person (or people) are combining some stupid into their crazy. I mean, let’s say the U.S. has some experimental sonic (or whatever ULF is supposed to mean) weapon, and wants to use it on some Muslims. Gee whiz, I can’t think of anywhere outside the U.S. where the government might want to hurt some Muslims.

  2. That sounds too much like Project X in Atlas Shrugged. Some people just aren’t responsible enough to read classic fiction literature and keep it in a separate compartment in their brain. Next we’ll see somebody complaining that the arches at the Pacific Science Center look a lot like tripods from War of the Worlds.

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