Republican + Nutjob = Entertainment

So, it’s early. I’ve only had one cup of coffee. And I’m checking out stuff online to see what’s happening in the world today, as I am prone to do. I keep seeing this one headline on Digg and such:

 Fred Thompson Has a Reporter Removed and Assaulted for Asking a Question

I’m prone to thinking the worst of politicians, and in particular Republican politicians, so I’m thinking to myself, “That’s a shitty thing to do.” However, seeing all the unecessary capitalizations in that sentence, I’m also thinking, “Just what kind of reporter is this?”

True, I’ve seen some crappy writing lately even out of professional journalists (I’m talking NY Times and Wall Street Journal, here) but the trend of any yahoo with a blog and too much free time declaring themselves a “reporter” or “journalist” has made me question these things.

There’s a link to, you guessed it, a blog with a badly written account of this woman being dragged away after asking Fred Thompson something about the Council on Foreign Relations – a favorite conspiracy theorist boogieman. [Fred Thompson is indeed a member, as is Jimmy Carter and such scary people as Ron  Silver and Angelina Jolie]

The domain name of this blog ( immediately made me suspicious, and sure enough it’s someone who believes the Sept. 11th attacks were arranged by the U.S. government and didn’t involve planes and such. Win-ner. In one post, the blog even invokes our patron saint of wacky conspiracy nuts, Alex Jones. Let’s hear it for Alex!

 So I’m torn. Is it wrong for a dickhead of a political candidate to have a nutjob conspiracy theorist dragged out of a press event?


~ by mattbear on July 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Republican + Nutjob = Entertainment”

  1. She sounds like a nut to me. But hey, even the black helicopter crowd have first amendment rights.

  2. Actually, if you would like the perspective of the person who was standing right next to her during the event, you might see there is significantly more to this than she lets on.

  3. […] 27th, 2007 In a follow up to yesterday’s post, our own wiwille sent me a link to a Wonkette post about this nutjob I was writing about, and it […]

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