Playing politics with people’s lives

A former director of OSHA, now working as a consultant for the auto industry, put some pressure on his former co-workers to lighten up an OSHA warning about asbestos in car brakes and the effect of said asbestos on mechanics.

OSHA, responding to said pressure, threatened the scientist who authored the warning with suspension if he didn’t re-write it. So far he hasn’t, and his union is coming to his defense. I guess this just goes to show that OSHA, designed to protect the common working man, isn’t worth any more than the shitheel bureacrats and politicians who run it. Far from independent, OSHA is the target of industry lobbyists directly.

One might say, “Everybody knows asbestos causes cancer,” but there have been efforts to obscure the fact that it still gets used in various U.S. industries. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) apparently said of this that we need to ban asbestos use in the U.S.

Well Dennis, piece of news for you: You’re in the legislature. That’s you’re job. Why don’t you grow a pair and get that started?


~ by mattbear on November 20, 2006.

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