Looking for the real killers on the golf course

OJ “I’m looking for the real killers” Simpson, knowing no shame, is writing a book telling how he “would have committed the murders” if he had been the murderer. And he will be giving an interview to Fox News on the same topic, since they have no shame either.

I find myself wondering whether he’s trying to exorcise whatever demons he may have about the murder by finally telling the truth (albeit wrapped in his “if I did it” clause), or if he is going to tell a story different enough from how it really went down to try to cast some doubt on his guilt. I’m also betting that this question is exactly what he is betting on to sell this book and interview.

In case there’s some question, nothing he says will ever make me doubt his guilt. Unlike my in-laws, who were (and are) convinced he was framed, I firmly believe he did it. As does Fred Goldman, father of victim Ron Goldman. Fred, ever vocal about the travesty of justice that was the OJ Trial, spoke out on CBS about how disgusting it was that Simpson was doing this and that Fox would air it:


~ by mattbear on November 17, 2006.

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