The lessons of history.

In Vermont many secessionist groups met to discuss their much loved topic of breaking away from the US ‘Empire’ and creating their own nation. While the organizations seem to be all over the board politically they have the one unifying belief that our federal government no longer represents their needs and the only solution is to branch off. Now these are not just a bunch of Southerners as representatives from New England states, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii were in attendance proclaiming their distrust of Washington DC.

Although all seemed to be in agreement that war is not an option they seem to really believe that succession could be succesful in this day in age. As stupid as this sounds if Oregon, Florida, and/or New Jersey succeeded I don’t think anyone would care.

Disparate groups gather to mull secession from the U.S. ’empire’


~ by wiwille on November 15, 2006.

One Response to “The lessons of history.”

  1. As crazy as secession sounds in this day and age, I’ve often wished we could. If you had the right people, with the right intentions, it would be nice to re-build based on the idea that was the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    However, it is a crazy idea. Any group that did seceed would face such economic hardship it would be rendered a third-world country. Not to mention the fact that the federal government would never allow it anyway. The first hint of a true secession would bring in the troops. And just try to get enough Americans to go for something that radical anyway – the populace is way too lazy. That’s how our government got this way to begin with.

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