Borat beat up…House, M.D. to the rescue!

Sacha Baron Cohen has been getting a lot of attention – and money – lately for his “Borat” character. However, when he tried to pull a Borat prank on a New Yorker while on the way to a bar after being on Saturday Night Live. Cohen got what he arguably deserved – a punch in the face. However, fellow British comedian (and star of one of my favorite shows) Hugh Laurie intervened and may have stopped the guy from fully kicking Cohen’s ass. Laurie apparently was on Saturday Night Live as well, and was on the way to the bar with Cohen.


~ by mattbear on November 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “Borat beat up…House, M.D. to the rescue!”

  1. Dear Mr. Ocean,

    I just finished reading your article and I am appalled. A colleague of mine also read your article and felt the same. You are really being an advocate of violence. What makes you say that Sacha deserved a punch in the face? Is that how you feel people should be dealt with? Your article leads me to believe that you are happy that he got physically assaulted. Violence is not the solution -to any problem, humility is. You sound like you are personally angry with Sacha Baron Cohen. And it also appears that you, too, would punch him if he said something you didn’t find funny. Sorry, but that is very frightening.


  2. Dear Ms. Panich,

    Thank you for your comment. There appears to be some confusion regarding the article in question “Borat beat up…House, M.D. to the rescue!” that I would like to clear up with you. It was never my intention to advocate violence but I can understand why you may believe I did in fact endorse violent behavior towards the “Borat” actor, Sacha Baren Cohen.

    I believe this may stem from a limited vocabulary on your part, specifically as it pertains to the use of the word “arguably”. The Random House Unabridged Dictionary (2006 edition) defines “arguably” as meaning “susceptible to debate, challenge, or doubt; questionable”. For example:

    “Jasmina Panich is arguably single, old or single and old and has entirely too much unmonitored free time.”

    I don’t know if any of these things are true, but I do believe it’s a subject that could be debated.

    Let’s take a look at how the word was used in my article:

    “Cohen got what he arguably deserved – a punch in the face.”

    Now, to further decipher this apparently cryptic passage for you, I was presenting the idea that some could argue that because of the behavior of Mr. Cohen’s rather popular character ‘Borat’, he was punched, deservedly, in the face. The word “arguably” illustrates that an argument could feasibly take place on this subject. It does not mean that I support such a stance.

    I hope this makes clear my intention in writing this article and hope you’ll come back and read more of our articles. You may wish to do so with reference materials on hand or under the supervision of someone with at least a 9th grade education.

    Thank you,

    Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer

  3. Dear Mr. Ocean,

    I see that I have misunderstood you because of your choice of wording in the article. Although I expected you to defend yourself, I did not quite expect you to answer in the manner that you did. I suppose my reaction to your article was strong, too, but in no way did I mean to actually insult you. My apologies if I did.
    Anyway, rest assured that I stand corrected on your view on violence in the Borat incident.

    Thank you

  4. good site!

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