Referendum 1: Thumbs Down

I’m glad this never went through, but then again, I don’t ever recall the last time I was at a strip club here in Seattle. So why should I care? And why is something like this even important compared to issues going on around our country, or abroad for that matter? Personally, I think it was a waste of space on the voters’ ballot among other things. What other items were, for lack of a better word, useless you may wonder?

How about Renton’s Proposition 1, revoking the sale and discharge of fireworks within the city. Do they realize that this ban has been in effect in the Seattle metropolitan and surrounding area for years, yet, people just don’t give a dead rat’s rotten anus about it? I live near downtown, and every year people are lighting off fireworks in the neighborhoods on Independence Day. One year, some friends and I set off some firecrackers near Lake Union right in front of several police officers. They sat there and laughed while we went on a pyrotechnic spree. Afterwords, we were told to pick up our mess and be on our way to watch the big show down on the lake. No tickets, no warnings. Everyone was enjoying the holiday without bringing on any unnecessary drama into the picture.

Point is, I would’ve liked to see more practical topics being covered such as road maintenance in major cities, or addressing homeless denizens downtown. Referendum 1 may not have passed by a huge margin, but it still lost by enough to show that people aren’t really concerned for these things.

On that note, I feel like getting a lapdance. Hooray for single mom strippers!


~ by zooloo on November 9, 2006.

3 Responses to “Referendum 1: Thumbs Down”

  1. I for one am happy about the referendum. Let the lap dancing ensue.

  2. When I saw the “I support single moms” picture, I figured this must have been posted by Wiwille. Then I saw the line “I don’t ever recall the last time I was at a strip club here in Seattle” and knew it had to be someone else.

    Lapdances all around! Willtuck’s treat!

  3. Actually I can’t recall the last time I was in a strip club in Seattle. Outside of Seattle, well that’s a different story.

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