Referendum 1: A stripper responds.

I was reading a Seattlest article where a supposed stripper argues for Referendum 1 and how she hates giving lap dances. She of course makes the inarguable point that because she’s been the victim of sexual abuse and a rough marriage so she’s now compelled to be an exotic dancer. While she hates men and is morally opposed to that line of work she can’t find it in her to turn down the cash. She liked Referendum 1, because it means her job would involve less dangers such as dealing with men trying to place their hands all over her. Poor girl.

For all of you who believe in the stripper with a heart of gold, this article is for you.

Seattlest Interviews an Anti-Lap Dance Stripper


~ by wiwille on November 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Referendum 1: A stripper responds.”

  1. i still support strippers, but not that one.

  2. “Stripper with a heart of gold”?

    How about “Self-loathing, man-hating, stupid bitch”?

    I had a big, really mean rant that I started typing here, but it was as pointless as this stripper’s babbling, so I will skip it.

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