Mixed emotions.

Okay the midterms elections are over and I’m kind of torn how I feel about it. Well it’s not exactly over as two states are still milling over which party won their respective senate seat, but still who can deny that this wasn’t a great election year? All the issues were laid out at the table. Racism, voter fraud, pedophilia, gay sex, and a huge display of corruption were topping the nations headlines. Yes even Dancing with the Stars was indirectly involved. How could you not love the drama that is election year? It’s better than reality television, well except most of those show’s have better cleavage, but still.

I will miss all the indignity that is scoundrels running for public office. It was fun. Election Eve is just like Christmas, cept on the Lord’s birthday you don’t get a man addicted to meth and fetish porn for a present. Bad analogy. Sorry.


~ by wiwille on November 8, 2006.

2 Responses to “Mixed emotions.”

  1. If you remember back a few years ago, the Joe Sleazy Meth Addict doll was one of the more popular presents of the holiday season. I recall watching the news and seeing footage of rabid parents trampelling each other on the way to the Illicit Drugs and Unconventional Sex aisle of Toys ‘R’ Us.

  2. Well played!

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