Ecological bras.

bra.JPGIn keeping with the strong themes of Billy Ocean: Student Council Treasurer I bring you a post about topics that all our authors, and a lot of readers, enjoy. What topics may they be pray tell? Why sound ecology and boobies of course.

Triumph International Japan Ltd, makers of the eco-bra, have now developed a brassier that’ll transform into a shopping bag. Yes because sometime paper and plastic are just so wasteful women can now take off their undergarments to place grocery items into it.

Now it should come as a surprise to no one that this was developed by the Japanese and I love reading about fine, glorious breasts, but seriously do we really want to put our food items into our underwear? I guess if it’s for the sake of the enviornment we must embrace it. Embrace em, carress em, hold em…..err….sorry. Got carried away there.


~ by wiwille on November 8, 2006.

3 Responses to “Ecological bras.”

  1. that girl sure looks happy to carry a baguette in her red thong purse bag eco thing. so supple and nubile… O_o

    but what’s up with the mannequins in the background? the one in blue looks pissed off at the special ed looking one in pink.

  2. I denounce this as just another way for these undergarments to be deceptively padded!

  3. I know dozens of men who would pay money to eat that baguette.

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