Call Me The Stig

Video games shape the people we become. It’s an undeniable truth. This is why my mother turned into a Mahjong tile a few years ago, and my best friend has a chaingun attached to his arm.
For instance, one of my most favorite games in college was Carmageddon 2. For people who never played this game, it’s basically a driving game that added a bit of violence. More than driving fast, the main goal was to earn ‘credits’ by killing innocent bystanders by running over them or using any number of creative weaponry.

When I was sick of mopping the floor with my enemies in Quake 2 (nerd machismo alert!) I liked to switch to a bit of driving fun. Carmageddon 2 offered a good cross between balls-out driving and some extra missions and blood. Plus it was about the best my video card of the time could handle…

Looks like FileShack has a download demo available. Maybe I’ll try my hand again.


~ by nhak on November 6, 2006.

3 Responses to “Call Me The Stig”

  1. i agree, i played so much ‘larry bird vs michael jordan’ on my mastersystem back in the day that i actually became larry bird. i kid you not. it was difficult at first, but living in australia larry isn’t that well known so i can blend it pretty well.

  2. That’s cool. Did you find your newly gained height awkward in any way? I bet your friends had a hard time keeping up with your large physical changes.

  3. there were obviously teething problems, but they came to accept me for who i am, unlike this kid who kept freezing everyone (sub-zero). man, that was difficult. i’m kinda embarrassed to be seen with him, what with the mask and white eyes and all, but for what it’s worth, she is a really nice girl.

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