River found sharpening her blades.

SerenityI wasn’t a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor of it’s creator Joss Whedon. When a friend of mine recently suggested I watch a short lived series spawned by Whedon called Firefly I was skeptical. I told my buddy I’ve never heard of the show, but he insisted it was a good one and informed me there was a film produced entitled Serenity.

Now that movie I heard of, but I never made any effort to go see it. I never watched a trailer for it as they were absent from the theatres and television. Of course I could’ve looked it up online, but with all the hype given to it by sites like Ain’t It Cool News, who give ever loving praise to such fine cinematic masterpieces such as Freddy vs Jason, I figured it was going to be a bag of ass. I ignored the geeks and anything they had to say about the film.

In this case I was wrong as I enjoyed the series and film immensely. I found myself starting to worship at the altar of Whedon and I joined the fanbase that prayed for the day we would see another sequel. I started looking into the massive following of Firefly by it’s ever vocal fans, who refer to themselves as Browncoats.

Universal depended a lot of their promotion for Serenity on the shoulders of the fans who came out in droves to set up websites and post in message boards to show their love for the yet to be released film. This was a mistake as even though it was a critical success the movie did not lead up to expectations at the box office. This usually means they made a ton of movie off the DVD sales and overseas markets, but weren’t happy about the immediate US revenue.

Now Universal is suing some of those same websites for presenting fan made art and fiction. Yes they’re bringing legal action against those who tried to make the movie a success. I wonder if Lucasfilm and Paramount will follow suit.



~ by wiwille on November 3, 2006.

4 Responses to “River found sharpening her blades.”

  1. God damn…what a bunch of retards. What argument do they have here? Do they think someone is going to skip renting Serenity because of some 15 minute fan film? Fuck ’em.

    GEEK ALERT! One of the geekiest things I’ve ever done: some friends and I who played the City of Heroes/City of Villains MMORPG created a whole group of characters based on Firefly. I was Jayne Cobb. The missus played Kaylie. We also created two identical characters, one called “Two by Two” and the other “Hands of Blue”. If you aren’t a fan of the show, you won’t get that. Well, really you won’t get any of this.

  2. Nerd.

  3. Pot to Kettle, Pot to Kettle, come in Kettle.

  4. LOL.. I got to play Malcom Raynolds.. Hows that for fun 😛

    **oops.. sorry guys if these alerts the censorship Gestapos!!

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