Paul W.S. Anderson: the next Uwe Boll?

Yes, Paul W.S. Anderson, the auteur behind such masterpieces as Mortal Kombat and AVP: Alien vs. Predator, has apparently signed on to make a Castlevania movie.

I will admit, I’ve never played any of the games made for Nintendo or PS2 or anything like that. In my mind, the title Castlevania is forever linked to the crappy Commodore 64 game. But no matter what quality the video games may provide, when Anderson himself compares the yet-to-be-filmed movie to Underworld, I’m thinking that’s an early sign of doom. The only good thing about Underworld was Kate Beckinsale in a skin-tight PVC outfit. And yummy that is, I might add.

However, he’s apparently also going to be making some kind of update to one of my favorite B-grade (Ok, more like Z-grade) flicks, Deathrace 2000, only this one is called Deathrace 3000. I guess you really can’t get any cheesier than the original, so more power to him on that. I often wonder why I like Deathrace 2000 so much anyway. Largely it’s for the lines, “…And Machine Gun Joe splatters onto the scoreboard first!” and “It’s euthanasia day at the geriatric hospital!”


~ by mattbear on November 3, 2006.

3 Responses to “Paul W.S. Anderson: the next Uwe Boll?”

  1. Oh, Deathrace 2000! That movie kicked so much ass. I didn’t see it until a few years ago, but it was still quite entertaining.
    Though it was weird to see David Carradine pre-Kung Fu after watching him in that show for so many years.

  2. Actually, Deathrace 2000 was right around the time of Kung Fu. Deathrace was released in ’75, and Kung-Fu ran from ’72 to ’75. It was largely because of KF that Carradine was a name already, and he was pretty much the biggest star in a very small movie.

  3. If your talking about deathrace the game.. Damn fine one it was at that. Like CarWars!! cept a vidya Game.

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