“Jelly Belly” Cops

Police Chief Paul Goward of Winter Haven, Florida sent out a memo to his cops titled “Are you a Jelly Belly?” that encouraged those on the force who were out of shape to work harder to get fit. Relations between the Chief and his cops soured afterward, and Goward was forced to “resign”.

My opinion is that too many cops are porkers. You have to stay in shape to be effective – and safe – in that job. If you’re on patrol, or working in the field in any way, you need to be in tip-top shape. This was one of the many factors in my own decision not to be a cop – I knew I simply didn’t have that kind of discipline.

Right or wrong, I’m sure Goward will have another Chief position soon if he wants it. Plenty of cities want a tough-talking Police Chief to whip their departments into shape.

On an almost completely unrelated note, due to Willtuck’s suggestion I have become addicted to the TV show The Shield. This stars Michael Chiklis as Vic Mackey, and he pretty much looks like a buff badass:

What I did not realize while watching this show was that Chiklis used to star in another cop show I watched called The Commish over a decade ago. Once I read that, the voice put it together for me in my memory, but I wouldn’t have recognized him. In “The Commish” days, Chiklis himself was a Jelly Belly:

Just goes to show it’s not too late for us dough-boys to become tough guys. Get to that gym!


~ by mattbear on November 2, 2006.

2 Responses to ““Jelly Belly” Cops”

  1. The Sheild rules. Love that show.

  2. That “Jelly Belly” cops news item last year has had an unexpected spin-off. Check out this link!


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